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December 26, 2015: Fifteen months since the last update, things have not been as quiet and calm in reality as they have here. In actuality, a lot has been going on here.

For one thing, I have spent the last year learning G-Code. I can highly recommend G-Wizard Editor software for anyone trying to learn CNC.

Also, the mill spindle seized in the middle of a project. No photos or video of the repair. The only thing really wrong was the bearing preload was too tight. Once that was loosened slightly, it was back up and running.

There are five new pages listed at the bottom of the projects page. More work than that has been undertaken, but those are the best documented.

A new time-lapse page has gone up in the photography section. That will include not only time-lapse videos, but also any other videos that do not fit anywhere else. Mostly thunderstorms, sunsets and other things not related to metalwork. Also in the photography section, every page has received new pictures.

Hopefully, the next update will not be a year in the making.

As always, check back often for updates both here and on Youtube.




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