Welcome to Jon's Machine Shop!

September 23, 2017:    So, it's only been a year since the last update. Hopefully, that will change. The reason behind the lull is most of what I've been working on gets posted on Facebook. That stops now! It's ridiculous that I OWN my own site and ignore it in favor of creating content for someone else's page. Anyway, on to the new stuff.

Quite a bit has been added to the photography section. Specifically, the Nature and Astronomy galleries. The astronomy page has been reworked to cut down on the clutter. It has a new fireworks gallery and an eclipse gallery. There's also a few new pics in the Shop gallery.

A few new projects pages have gone up. Most recently, a pair of Tecumseh carburetors.

The first one is for my small riding mower. It had been getting worse for the past couple seasons. I finally got around to properly diagnosing and repairing it, but not before doing more damage to it that had to be repaired. It runs almost as good as new. I think it would benefit from a float stabilizing spring but can't be bothered to pull it all back apart right now.

The second carburetor is for the Lauson engine. It only runs occasionally for my amusement. Like the mower, it too has been declining for the past two years. I got all the engines out a few weeks ago when the weather cooled off to run them for the first time in a year. Every one of them started up right away, except the lauson. I couldn't even get it to fire on carb. cleaner. Cleaning the points didn't help. Based on its past performance, I decided it had to be the carburetor. I had a small (.375" venturi) Tecumseh carb. that I modified to fit and it fired and ran with that one. I didn't like it though as it has no mixture adjustments and is a chokeless carb. I sourced a cheap ($8.75 delivered) replacement Tecumseh carb. from E-bay and modified it to fit. It has a .500" venturi which I feel is a little large for this engine. My other 2" bore engines all have the .375" venturi, but it runs just fine with this setup.

I have finally acquired a Chandler Duplex (not an apartment in Arizona) boring and facing head. It only required a little work to get it operating as intended. It'd be nice to find a spring plunger to fit, but for now, my homemade screw works fine.

Not new, but one other project that has been posted is the Mitutoyo calipers. I got them for work but they were sticky and gummed up with coolant. I completely dismantled, cleaned and re-calibrated them. They match my micrometers to the thousandth of an inch.

I may add a new update section on the home page to link to new pages or additions without having to update this page.

 As always, check back often for updates both here and on Youtube.