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April 14, 2018:  After some deliberation, I've decided that Sherline had the machines I wanted. The machines seem pretty rigid considering their size and weight. I like that the mill has a spindle taper and toolholders that allow tool changes without re-touching tools. Taig uses an ER-16 spindle that, as far as I can tell, only accepts collets. That means that every time you come to a tool change in your program, you have to reset Z zero. Sherline has a #1 Morse taper spindle and also a 3/4-16 external thread that most of their toolholders screw on to. Some tools, like a boring head or fly-cutter have the Morse taper and are held in with the drawbar. I also opted for the CNC 4th axis. The lathe is a typical lathe. It will eventually have a quick change toolpost and indexable tooling. I'm still unable to automate the movements (no computer yet).  They can be driven manually though and they both have made chips. I also need to build a bench for them. The arrangement in the picture is how I think I want them. Situated like they are, they will both fit nicely on a 2 foot by 4 foot bench. Hopefully, they'll be up and running soon.

Another project in the works is a lawnmower lift. Essentially a long set of ramps that once the mower is driven on, will be jacked up in the back. The whole mower will fit on them and when lifted, will be about a foot higher. Basically, a scaled down kwik-lift made out of a 2 by 8 and a piece of pipe. I'd like to gain enough room to be able to use an impact to change blades. We'll see how this works out.

More to come.

 As always, check back often for updates.