Welcome to Jon’s Machine Shop!

April 8, 2024: Only a small update this time. A lot of 3D design work has been done, including importing a picture into Fusion 360 and tracing it to arrive at a working part. Another partial solar eclipse was today.

3D design work consisted of modeling and assembling the Snow Engine as designed by Doug Kelley. Also, the Atkinson Differential Engine as designed by Dave and Vince Gingery.

In addition to those engines, the steering gear in the picture to the right was modeled and laser cut by SendCutSend. A picture of the original was brought into Fusion and traced. That turned out to be a very effective way to replicate an obsolete part.

We had a partial solar eclipse, 83.4% eclipsed. It turned out to be a lot cloudier than I thought it would. I still managed to get some pictures of it and the clouds added interest.

I have also been playing with Inkscape a bit more. I’ve added pictures to the graphic design page.

There is also some glasswork in process, but no pictures yet.

I’d highly recommend Carbide Tool Source for carbide end mills under 1/2 inch. Fast shipping and really good prices. Not to mention they’re made in the U.S. I’ve added them to the links page.

More to come.

As always, check back often for updates.