Welcome to Jon’s Machine Shop!

November 21, 2022:  Not a really big update this time. I’ve added a couple projects. The biggest news is I’ve added a tap burner to my collection of tools.

The first project is just a rebuild of a broken edge finder. It was bound for the trash, seriously damaged and missing the spring. It didn’t take too much to clean up the working edges and replace the spring. It works like new now.

The next project is a rebuild of a heavily damaged bench vise. It took a while since I was not heavily motivated to get it back together and I had to figure out how I wanted to approach the repair.

I’ve also added an update on the portable compressor connecting rod page.

The most exciting news is the addition of a tap burner to the shop. I’m still learning how to use it, but I think it will be very useful. It’s a portable unit so I can take it to the part instead of having to bring the part into the shop and set it up on a machine. At least for right now, I think it’s my favorite “toy”.

The Upshur engine is still in process. No progress has been made since the last update though. Machine work has slowed while I worked on glass projects.

I’ve got a lot of glass projects in the works. Pics will be up after Christmas as some of them may be presents.

Another project still in the works is a lawnmower lift. Essentially a long set of ramps that once the mower is driven on, will be jacked up in the back. The whole mower will fit on them and when lifted, will be about a foot higher. Basically, a scaled down kwik-lift made out of a 2 by 8 and a piece of pipe. I’d like to gain enough room to be able to use an impact to change blades. We’ll see how this works out.

I’d highly recommend Carbide Tool Source for carbide end mills under 1/2 inch. Fast shipping and really good prices. Not to mention they’re made in the U.S. I’ve added them to the links page.

More to come.

As always, check back often for updates.