Welcome to Jon's Machine Shop!

  December 26, 2019:  So, no update since March. But there's a good explanation. Some of the projects in the works were Christmas presents. In fairness, the glasswork tab has been up in the menu for a few months now. It has also had a few small projects under it.

Glass work is a new hobby I'm learning. The process of making a leadlight or stained glass panel hasn't really changed since it was created. The tools have been updated though.

The Upshur engine is still in process. No progress has been made since the last update though. Machine work has slowed while I worked on glass projects.

Another project was a shoulder washer for the clutch arm pivot on the small riding mower. The original shoulder bolt stripped and was not a good design. I think the washer will work much better. So far, it's got four months of use on it and it seems to be holding up well.

I've added a plastic welder and also a vinyl cutter/plotter to the stable of tools. The vinyl cutter serves to cut stencils for the enameled and etched glass.

Another project still in the works is a lawnmower lift. Essentially a long set of ramps that once the mower is driven on, will be jacked up in the back. The whole mower will fit on them and when lifted, will be about a foot higher. Basically, a scaled down kwik-lift made out of a 2 by 8 and a piece of pipe. I'd like to gain enough room to be able to use an impact to change blades. We'll see how this works out.

More to come.

As always, check back often for updates.