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Site Change

Change is in the air. All updates will now appear on this page instead of the home page. I am wanting the home page to serve as a “front door” to the shop. Somewhat like an introduction to me and what types of work I do.  It will likely replace the “about” page which will become a “contact” page. I am also toying with the idea of resorting the “projects” page. I may divide it up into different types of projects: old equipment, small engine repair, model engines, etc. I hope these changes will give the site a more “business-like” appearance. Give me a few days to figure it all out and see what happens.

Work is actually being done in the shop. I am currently in the planning stage of building a collapsible gantry crane for use in the shop. Hopefully, that will be started by Christmas.

As always, check back often.