January 6, 2013: The site is still in transition. I am considering dividing the projects into related categories: small engine repair, antique restoration, model engine building, etc. That will keep the projects page from growing to a ridiculous length. That problem may actually exist only in my imagination.

I am also starting to do “wrought iron” work, so there may soon be a page about that. I’ll have to see how it works out. Judging by the examples to the right, I’d say it’s off to a pretty good start. Hopefully, there will be more to tell in the near future.

There is a new project that has been completed. I had a damaged crankshaft that I removed from a Tecumseh engine some time ago. I decided to try to repair it. It turned out to be quite a challenge. With this trick “mastered”, I can now repair damaged cranks that are no longer available.

There is also a new photography page for astronomical pictures. With the amount of light around here, there probably won’t be much added to that page. That makes me appreciate Dr. Gendler’s site all the more.

As always, check back often.