OPE Maintenance

Perhaps removing the trans-axle from the lawn mower every winter is overkill, but it serves at least three purposes. First, it allows me to clean and inspect it inside and out. Second, I can grease the input shaft bearings. They reside above the grease in the case and behind a pinion gear. That allows them little opportunity for lubrication in use. That is a lesson I learned the hard way and an experience I do not want to repeat. The bearings and pinion shaft/gear are replaced as an assembly. When they failed, they cost about $65.00. The last time I checked, they were over $100.00. Third, it gives me something to do in the winter. This is not as difficult a task as it appears. It only takes about 15 minutes to get it off the mower. Total time involved is only about two hours. Most of which is spent removing the old RTV from the case. Follow along.