I originally was not going to put this project on here, but it worked out so well that I changed my mind. I have had this spreader for several years and for a while it worked. Then, the original cable bent when the valve got stuck. I replaced it, but it never worked the same. It was getting harder and harder to open and close the valve when anything was in the hopper. I hardly use this anymore as I now have a “tow-behind” spreader, but still need it for small areas. I could get a new one, but it will no doubt have the same problem eventually. Besides, this looks like a good challenge. My initial plan was to have two cables with two controls, but upon inspection the original control is set up to accommodate two cables. With one on each side of the valve, one will push while the other pulls. Since they will attach to the valve at slightly different distances from the center, they will each have a different stroke. That will have to be taken into account when attaching them to the handle. This promises to be a fun ride.