Tailstock Live Drill Chuck

I’ve wanted a live drill chuck for the tailstock of the lathe for a while now. I can’t find one on a Morse 3 taper though, only a Morse 2. I could have used an adapter, but there’s no fun in that. I decided to use the interchangeable live center that I already had and fit one to that. It didn’t turn out like I had wanted, but it does work. All I’ll ever use it for is threading long thin diameters that aren’t big enough for a proper center.

UPDATE 9/21/21: I’ve added a new rotating tailstock chuck. I bought a live center and after pressing it apart, replicated the center shaft bearing diameters. Instead of the 60 degree cone, I gave it a 3/4-16 thread. It accepts lathe and drill chucks from the Sherline. I think this will be a much better version than the first one. A much smaller version of the one Kurtis at Cutting Edge Engineering built.