Tow Spreader

It seems that every time I use my tow spreader, I have to work on it. Specifically, the “throttle control” that controls whether it is open or closed. It’s a really bad design. The cable is retained by a flange crimped onto the sheath. The flange sits in a groove in the housing. The back of the groove is only about 1/32 inch thick and is very delicate. I just replaced the control cable last spring or the spring before. Point is, it can’t be more than two years old and has broken again. It sees only about 2 hours use annually and costs about $30. I’m not paying that much for something that only has a four hour lifespan. I came up with my own design that not only has much more material behind the flange, but also clamps on the outside diameter of the cable sheath. While I was at it, I also designed and printed a guide to route the cable.